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Introducing the Test Manager’s Roles and Responsibilities
Overview of Test Management Processes
- ISO 29119 Test Planning Process

  • Step 1 – Understanding Context
    • Policy and organisational test strategy; Testing within the organisational structure; Aligning with the customer’s test policy and strategy; Organisational risks; Project constraints
  • Step 2 – Organising the Test Planning Activities
    • Identifying what information is required; WBS; PERT

Test Planning through Risk Management
- ISO 29119 Test Planning Process
  • Step 3 Risk Identification and Estimation
    • Principles and Concepts
    • Risk in IT
    • Risk planning, Risk identification, Risk estimation
  • Step 4 Identifying Suitable Risk Treatments
  • Step 5 Design (Project or Phase) Test Strategy
    • test phases, types and techniques
    • environment, data and tools
    • Shopping list and purses - re-estimate against constraints
  • Step 6 Determine Staffing and Scheduling
    • People, teams and skills
    • Supporting processes
  • Step 7 Document Test Plan
  • Step 8 Gain Consensus on Test Plan
  • Step 9 Publish Test Plan

Ongoing Test Management
- ISO 29119 Test Management Processes
  • Test Monitoring and Control
    • Monitoring activities
    • Control activities
    • Ongoing risk management
  • Test Reporting
    • Reporting methods and communication styles
    • Test status, test summary and test completion reports
  • Test Management On Live Systems
    • Comparison of development and maintenance processes; Dealing with emergencies
  • Test Completion
    • Archiving test assets; Clean up the test environment; Lessons learned and test process improvement; test completion